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Shine Your Light with Michael J. Tamura

September 14, 2023 Ginny Jablonski Season 4 Episode 1
Interspecies Evolution™
Shine Your Light with Michael J. Tamura
Show Notes

Please enjoy the brilliant story telling of Michael J. Tamura in this episode.

Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant Visionary & Author of You Are The Answer

Michael Tamura lives the miracle: Spiritually aware from childhood, he sees everyone the way they are - as immortal souls. To guide thousands to their healing, awakening, and true life purpose, he draws from years of intensive training, profound past-life recall, nightly out-of-body sojourns, forty-three years of teaching and giving clairvoyant counseling, and a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including returning from five near-death experiences.

Born and raised in Japan, yet educated in American schools, Michael has spent a lifetime bridging gaps: Not only between East and West, young and old, men and women, but, above all, between humanity and Divinity. Beloved around the world as a spiritual teacher, visionary clairvoyant, and pioneer of healing and psychic development, he has been featured on NBC's The Leeza Show, The New Ricki Lake Show, CNN, Bridging Heaven & Earth, Gaiam TV, Virtual Light Broadcast, The Aware Show, Hay House Radio, and many other media programs. He was also included in ABCNews’ The Century: America’s Time with Peter Jennings.

Today, the award-winning author of YOU ARE THE ANSWER, is working on his latest book, Three Deaths and No Funeral: Lessons On Living The Miracle, as he continues to provide psychic tools and spiritual practices to illuminate the way home for awakening souls. His teachings are offered through his acclaimed seminars, retreat intensives, teleclass courses, writing, media appearances, special events, and audio products. For Michael, every experience in life offers a golden opportunity for healing, miracles, and the fulfillment of one’s divine purpose.

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The introduction to this podcast is narrated by Rick Lamb PhD.

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