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Sharing Messages With Others with Ronnie King

September 06, 2023 Ginny Jablonski Season 3 Episode 15
Interspecies Evolution™
Sharing Messages With Others with Ronnie King
Show Notes

Join Ronnie and I as we discuss our experiences of sharing messages from animals and loved ones with others.

Ronnie King is an animal communicator, equine massage therapist and the host of Equine Voices, a lovely new podcast focusing on the equine industry.

Here's a link to two of my blogs on talking about a similar situation with a client and a neighbor's horse:

Our Words Matter (client testimonial):

How Our Intentions Effect Our Animals (blog):

The introduction to this podcast is narrated by Rick Lamb PhD.

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Interspecies Evolution™ promotes holistic balance through an integrative treatment model defined by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Please use discernment when contracting with energy "healers" who claim to heal humans or animals in any capacity. Interspecies Evolution™ promotes self-awareness and empowerment through education and direct experience on one's own journey of remembering.

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