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The Horse Heart Connection with Michelle Hefner

June 12, 2023 Ginny Jablonski Season 3 Episode 7
Interspecies Evolution™
The Horse Heart Connection with Michelle Hefner
Show Notes

Michelle Hefner is an author, life coach and equine assisted coach whose passion is helping people find comfort, courage and confidence in the liminal space, that scary threshold where old patterns must be released so that the heart's desire can be manifested. She credits the horses with teaching her that possibilities only exist in vulnerability.

As a child, she and her cousin ran with a herd of horses through verdant pastures. The horses observed their antics as the crazy girls emulated the horses’ behaviors. The mares did not always approve, reprimanding the bi-pedal fillies, sending them galloping to the safety of nearby trees. Little did she know the horses were teaching her lessons in subtle perceptions, energetic communication and more. Lessons she would later use as a coach.

After a series of careers, some equine focused, some not, she became an equine assisted coach completing a program based on the work of Linda Kohonov. She spent a few years offering equine assisted coaching at her farm and sharing the amazing client experiences with her Facebook group, Horse Heart Connection by Zen Horse. After a couple of years, though, her horse, Spritel, began expressing his negative experiences of coaching, leading her to  shift her focus to coaching people with their own horses. It became her mission to raise awareness around how peoples’ psycho-physiological states affect their animals. For the sake of the horses, she wanted to teach people to take responsibility for their own thoughts and behaviors and to learn how to connect with their horses through the heart.

Today, she coaches people internationally, sharing the most powerful lessons horses have taught her, one being that possibilities exist only in the space of liminality. With that lesson in hand she supports equestrians and others by holding the space for them to shed old beliefs and patterns and paving the way for them to deepen the conversation with their hearts.  


media:  Facebook group--Horse Heart Connection by Zen Horse

The introduction to this podcast is narrated by Rick Lamb PhD.

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