Interspecies Evolution™

Guides, Angels and Spiritual Boundaries with Jini and Ginny

April 12, 2023 Ginny Jablonski Season 2 Episode 15
Interspecies Evolution™
Guides, Angels and Spiritual Boundaries with Jini and Ginny
Show Notes


This week I am sharing a recent interview with Jini Patel Thompson. Jini is a dear friend of mine who is dedicated to health, wholeness and the path of greater understanding.

Jini Patel Thompson is the author of 17 books on natural health. Her journey with animals and wildlife follows the same holistic path, with respect and gratitude for every sentient being on this planet. 

Jini's YouTube channel featuring her spiritual journey with her herd of 11 formerly wild and semi-feral horses has millions of views worldwide. People are hungry for the deeper wisdom and connection shown through Jini's experiences with her untamed horses. 

She also has a new blog and YouTube channel where she is charting her conversations with the entire ecosystem as she helps to heal and partner with a 160 acre ranch in BC, Canada. 

Born in Nairobi, Jini has also lived in Boston, Edmonton, Tokyo, London, Singapore and Vancouver. 

Her land journey:

Her horse journey:

Her health resources:


For information about Ginny's upcoming class, Healing at Liberty: Energetic Awareness for Body Workers, Animal Communicators and Energy Healers, in partnership with five horses, four donkeys and two dogs, please see the course information here:

Liberty is the freedom to live without restraint. We can operate in the world this way if we know and take responsibility for ourselves. This course is meant to support you on your journey to freedom.

We all want to connect more deeply to our animal companions and each other. The first step to opening to a deeper connection begins with your own awareness of self. 

Can you imagine being as aware of your energy system, subconscious mind, and Soul purpose as you are of your physical body?  This course will provide you the tools to achieve a very high level of self-awareness, and an understanding of where our resistance, triggers and emotions come from.

The introduction to this podcast is narrated by Rick Lamb PhD.

*The information provided in this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical, psychiatric or veterinary advice or treatment. Always seek licensed medical, psychiatric, or veterinary care.

Interspecies Evolution™ promotes holistic balance through an integrative treatment model defined by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Please use discernment when contracting with energy "healers" who claim to heal humans or animals in any capacity. Interspecies Evolution™ promotes self-awareness and empowerment through education and direct experience on one's own journey of remembering.

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