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Messages From Animals with Sandra Mendelson

December 12, 2022 Ginny Jablonski Season 1 Episode 12
Interspecies Evolution™
Messages From Animals with Sandra Mendelson
Show Notes

Please join Sandra and I as she shares uplifting messages and wisdom from the animal kingdom.

As a channel of animal consciousness and animal communicator, author, blogger and speaker, Sandra Mendelson brings forth wisdom and insights from nearly 100 species of the animal kingdom for the benefit of humanity. Through her work as a Certified Polychromatic Light Therapist, Equine Photopuncture Therapist and Health Coach, she offers powerful light therapy and nutrition tools that enhance your pet partners’ physical and emotional wellbeing

Sandra’s first book, We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages For An Awakening World (October 2017) was an Amazon best seller and winner, Best Equine Spiritual Literary Work at the Equus Film Festival (2018).

Now a series, We Walk Beside You also includes the 2021 release: We Walk Beside You Book 2: Animal Insights for Everyday Living, a deck of 52 animal message cards and a children’s trilogy, The Secrets of The Animals, that delivers animal messages in rhyme to help children realize their own intuitive gifts, including the ability to communicate with animals.

Sandra hopes that sharing what she has received from animals in form and in spirit will support us in discovering our own unique gifts and reinforce trust in our journeys to Oneness.

Sandra has appeared on Fox and CBS affiliate news shows and over 80 radio shows, summits and podcasts, including Coast2Coast AM.






To learn more or to contact Sandra for animal communication sessions, visit her website at:

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