Interspecies Evolution™

Bridging Evidence-Based Science and Energy Healing with Dr. Shamini Jain

December 06, 2022 Season 1 Episode 11
Interspecies Evolution™
Bridging Evidence-Based Science and Energy Healing with Dr. Shamini Jain
Show Notes

Please join me in a very exciting conversation with Dr. Shamini Jain about new evidence-based scientific research that validates the effectiveness of energy healing, distance energy and sound healing and gratitude studies.

Dr. Jain is a sought-after author, speaker, award winning researcher and teacher. She is also the Founder of the non-profit organization CHI, The Consciousness and Healing Initiative, dedicated to studying the effects of energy healing on the physical body. There are many free resources on the CHI website,

Dr. Jain is an ivy-league-trained clinical psychologist,  an award winning research scientist in psychoneuroimmunology and integrative medicine, an adjunct professor at UC San Diego and the founder/CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative.


TEDx Talk:


Consciousness and Healing Initiative:

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