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A Father's Journey with Dave Clark

December 01, 2022 Ginny Jablonski Season 1 Episode 9
Interspecies Evolution™
A Father's Journey with Dave Clark
Show Notes

Please join me for this inspiring conversation with Dave Clark whose spiritual journey was supercharged due to the challenges he and his wife faced surrounding their beautiful daughter Ella's journey from birth to the afterlife.

Dave completed his clairvoyant training program at the Intuitive Awareness Center (IAC) in Georgia, VT, co-founded by Gwyneth Flack and Gayle Myers, MD. Additionally, he completed the following clairvoyant programs at the IAC: Leadership Through Clairvoyance Program, Teacher’s Practicum course, and Creativity Through Clairvoyance course. Dave joined Michael and Raphaelle Tamura’s SHAPE (Seers, Healers, Apprenticeship, Practicum, Experience) group in 2013. He has completed numerous year-long SHAPE courses focusing on clairvoyance, transmediumship, astral body development, in-and-out-of-body experiences, limitless love, creativity, and transmuting karma into a body of light and wisdom. Lastly, Dave is a certified teacher, birth-6 years of age, with a master’s degree in early childhood special education from the University of Vermont.

"After 4 days in hospice on Mother’s Day 2014, I was holding Ella in my lap with my wife snuggled next to me holding her feet. We were talking with a small group of family members and one dear friend. My wife said, “She’s gone.”  I turned and looked, and she was gone. Immediately everything became profoundly still and peaceful, like nothing I have ever experienced before or since. I gazed to the right and watched as the “veil” between this world and the spirit world lowered. I watched Ella walk to the other side where she was greeted by three Beings of Light who were celebrating her transition. It was her graduation - a celebration of her life - a complete and total miracle. Then, the “veil” closed and I was back in my living room with my wife, family members and friend. That brief moment seemed like an eternity and in truth it was timeless, whole and the closest I have ever felt to God. I have been spiritually inclined my whole life. However, that experience confirmed for me, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are not the body. We are Spirit having a human experience. Life is eternal and forever."

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