Interspecies Evolution™

An Embodied Soul with Michelle Holling-Brooks

October 16, 2022 Ginny Jablonski Season 1 Episode 2
Interspecies Evolution™
An Embodied Soul with Michelle Holling-Brooks
Show Notes

Michelle Holling-Brooks is a "Change-maker." In this podcast, she openly shares her challenging journey to stepping forward and speaking her authentic truth about our multi-dimensional  reality and the way horses are often used in equine therapy programs.

Michelle Holling-Brooks, Author/Speaker, Multi-Sensory Intuitive, Soul Embodiment Coach, and Spiritual Counselor, has been a full-time certified practitioner and teacher in the field of Healing and Spiritual Arts for over 20 years. She is inherently wired as a multidimensional teacher and practitioner. Michelle uses her innate wiring to create a bridge between the dimensions for her clients to call forward their own true Soul Remembrance.

With her guidance, clients are able to remember, restore, and embody their own Soul’s gifts, knowingness, and essences so that they can activate the true healing and lasting change they have been searching for on every level – psychically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. One of her great passions in life is to support all beings claim, embody, and rock out their amazing life from their own "I AM Whole” state of beingness.

The Horse Cure by Michelle Holling-Brooks

Michelle is operating on a wait list to accept new human clients and generally only works with individuals who are on a path to healing through her small cohort group classes where she teaches about healing in its many forms.

Michelle is not currently accepting animal communication clients and regularly refers people to Ginny Jablonski at:

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